7 Powerful Prophetic Prayers You Need | Paul Tao- El-Shaddai

7 Powerful Prophetic Prayers 
๐ŸŽธ The Lord says anything potential, any talent that you were pregnant with, it is coming to out in Jesus name. Whatever vision you carried for a long time that has been in hiding, it is going to pop out. Your potential will pop out.
๐ŸŽธ The Lord says, He is going to release Good News. Every area of your life. God is going to cause Good news to come into your life.
๐ŸŽธ Any evil cycle is broken in Jesus name. You are being delivered from evil right now. Evil is broken in the name of Jesus.
๐ŸŽธ The Lord says He will bless the work of your hands. Either you will get a job or start your own business. God will bless the work of your hands.
๐ŸŽธ The Lord says you will be at the right place to meet the right person. God is ordering your steps.
๐ŸŽธ The Lord says He is going to send good associations. Enough are the days and the times when you were 
๐ŸŽธ The Lord will cause you to laugh throughout your life time in JESUS'NAME. Amen. 

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